Japandi Style The Perfect Balance between Minimalism and Warmth

Fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian influences

Personally, I like natural colors in the interior. Japandi is an interior style that combines the influences of Japanese and Scandinavian designs in natural colors. The word "Japandi" is an amalgamation of the words "Japan" and "Scandinavia". This style was born from the need for a minimalist and soothing space, reflecting both the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design and the elegance and serenity of Japanese aesthetics.

Clean Lines and Natural Materials

Japandi style is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors and a simple and minimalist design. Natural materials such as wood and bamboo are often used to create a warm and organic atmosphere. Furniture and accessories are often functional and practical, with a focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Subdued soothing color palette

The Japandi style color palettes are generally subdued and soothing, with extensive use of natural colors such as white, taupe , sand and moss green . Accent colors are used sparingly and are usually subdued shades of blue, green or red.

A throw can be a versatile decorative element

Natural materials such as cotton and linen are often used for textiles and upholstery. These materials have a soft and rustic appearance and contribute to the feeling of comfort and warmth in the Japandi style. A throw can be a beautiful addition to the Japandi style and can be used in different ways to decorate the room. Some ideas for using a throw or plaid in the Japandi style:

Wall decoration : Hang the throw on the wall as a decorative element. Choose a neutral color or pattern that matches the calm aesthetic of the Japandi style. You can hang the throw straight or create a slight pleat for a more informal look.
Tablecloth : Use the throw as a tablecloth for a dining table or side table. Choose a throw with a subtle print or a solid color that harmonizes with the rest of the Japandi style in the room. This adds a touch of texture and softness to the space.
Bedspread : Place the throw or plaid on the bed like a bedspread. Choose a throw in an earthy color or a calm print to maintain the serene atmosphere of the Japandi style. This adds an extra layer of texture and warmth to the bedroom.
Seating : Use a throw on a sofa, armchair or chair. Drape the throw casually over the backrest or armrest for a relaxed and informal look. Choose a grand foulard with a soft texture to add comfort to the seat.
Room divider : Use the throw as a temporary room divider in an open space. Hang the throw between two rooms to create a visual separation. Choose a plaid with a light and airy texture to maintain the feeling of openness.

When using a throw in the Japandi style, it is important to maintain the simplicity and minimalism of the style. Choose neutral colors, use the grand foulard sparingly and keep the rest of the room simple and tidy. In this way, the throw can be a subtle and harmonious element in the Japandi style.

Decoration: Nature and Minimalism

In terms of decoration, natural elements and plants are often used to create a feeling of peace and serenity. Minimalist artwork and craft objects can also be used to decorate the space.
In general, Japandi style radiates simplicity, tranquility and harmony. It is a style that can help soothe the busy and hectic world around us and create an oasis of calm in our daily lives.

Margriet Nijboer is an interior stylist at Ons Thuiz interior advice & styling. She writes a number of guest blogs for Lantara. She regularly shares home inspiration and tips and tricks on her blog.