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How do I wash my hammam towel? Wash hammam towel; this is how I wash my hammam towel
Before you wash your hammam towel for the first time, tighten all the buttons on the fringes. Before using the cloth, soak it in cold water for a few hours. Add a dash of vinegar if necessary. The fouta can then be washed at 30 or 40 degrees. Drying in the tumble dryer can be done at a low temperature.

Please note: our hammam towels are made of (recycled) cotton and have not been treated against shrinkage. Cotton can shrink by 10% after the first washes. This may be slightly more for uncolored or very loosely woven fabrics such as waffle ( Nid d'abeille) .

How do I wash my throw?
An important aspect of maintaining a cotton grand foulard is washing it. Although our plaids are made of cotton, it is recommended to wash the plaids at a low temperature, preferably on a delicate program. This keeps the colors beautiful and prevents the fabric from shrinking. In addition, it is important to use a mild detergent so that the fabric is not affected. Drying in the dryer is not recommended, because the rug for your sofa can shrink considerably. Alternatively, the grand foulard can be chemically cleaned. Finally, it is advisable to iron the throw so that the cloth looks as good as new again. By following these tips, you will enjoy your cotton throw for a long time.
Before you wash your plaid for the first time, check all the fringes. Put them on if necessary.

How do I wash my wool plaid?
Wash your wool plaid on a wool program. Make sure that the spin program is set to low. If possible, let the plaid dry flat.

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My discount code doesn't work
If your discount code does not seem to work, first check the spelling, any capital letters and spaces. In addition, do not forget to confirm after entering the code. If it does not work, please contact us.

What is a plaid for the couch; which size throw sofa

A throw is a versatile and decorative item that can be used to cover a sofa. It is a kind of large, flowing cloth made of soft material such as cotton. The plaid is intended to be placed over the sofa and to cover it completely or partially. Not only does it provide protection against dirt and wear, but it can also add a touch of style and color to the room. Due to its size, the plaid can easily be used for different sofa sizes. In addition, it can also serve as a practical solution to hide any imperfections or signs of age on the sofa.
With a throw you can easily create a new look for your sofa, without the expense and hassle of purchasing a new one. It is an affordable and convenient way to freshen up your interior and create a cozy atmosphere.

Applications of a plaid

A plaid offers many applications for your sofa. With a throw you can easily and quickly change the appearance of your sofa. You can immediately add a new color accent to your interior by placing a throw over your sofa. In addition, a throw offers protection against stains and wear, so your sofa stays beautiful for longer. Changing the look of your sofa is easy with a plaid, allowing you to play with different colors and styles. This not only provides variety, but also creates a uniform look in the room. In addition, a throw adds a decorative element to the living room, immediately giving it a stylish and cozy appearance. Choose a grand foulard made of cotton for a soft and comfortable touch. Whether you have a 3-seater sofa or a different size, there is always a plaid that fits your sofa perfectly.

Which plaid should I choose?

To choose the right plaid for your sofa, it is important to take several factors into account. First of all, the dimensions of the sofa are very important. Carefully measure the length and width of the sofa so that you can choose the right size grand foulard. Consider whether you want to cover the sofa completely or do you only want to protect the seating area, for example. The type of bank is also important. Do you have a corner sofa, two-seater or perhaps a larger sofa? This partly determines which shape of plaid best suits your sofa. Do you want a throw that covers the entire sofa and gives a sleek look? Or are you looking for a looser draped effect? Some people like it if the covers the entire sofa, including the armrests. Others prefer a slightly shorter version that only covers the seating area. Think about what you like best and what length and width suit it.

Large rug for the sofa

Are you looking for a rug for the couch, but can't find it easily? Then search for plaid. A rug for the sofa is called plaid. This allows you to completely or partially cover your sofa or armchair. First look at the size of your sofa and decide how you want to drape the throw. Do you want to cover the sofa completely or leave the armrests exposed?
View our entire collection of plaids here. In the photos you can also see how the throw is used.

What size cloth for the sofa do you choose?

Once you have determined that for yourself, you can see which size approximately fits. You often have to opt for 2 plaids for a large sofa or corner sofa. In addition to the dimensions and type of sofa, it is also important to consider what look and covering you want for your sofa. Do you want a grand foulard that covers the entire sofa and gives a sleek look? Or are you looking for a looser draped effect? Also consider whether you want the plaid to hang over the armrests or whether you prefer to leave it free.

How big should a plaid be?

To the question of how big a plaid should be, we can answer that this is very personal. The is intended to cover your sofa or armchair, but the size required depends on your taste.
The plaid beige and plaid grey are useful in terms of color.