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Lantara home & travel

  • A sustainable and honest home & travel collection
  • Beautiful and responsible
  • Made in Tunisia
  • Dutch design

Lantara was created from founder Angélique's love for Tunisia, the country where she spent her childhood. Lantara uses old crafts to make contemporary home and travel accessories with a Mediterranean character. The brand works with small family businesses and is closely involved in the entire production process.

Medina van Tunis
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Recycled Cotton

Welcome to our collection of home and travel accessories.
Once we started with leftover yarns from renowned names in the fashion industry, we have slowly switched almost completely to recycled cotton. We use recycled cotton as much as possible for all our plaids and hammam towels. We want to make products that are not only beautiful, but also have a positive impact on the environment.


Our plaids and hammam towels are made from carefully selected recycled cotton, so you not only enjoy a beautiful product, but also contribute to sustainable trade. The use of recycled cotton reduces the need for new cotton cultivation, resulting in a reduced ecological footprint.

Hamam towels with a Green Heart

Our hammam towels, inspired by traditional craftsmanship, are made from high-quality recycled cotton. Lightweight, absorbent and quick drying, they not only provide a luxurious experience but also help reduce textile waste.

A Step Towards Circularity

By using recycled cotton in our products, we are taking a step towards circularity. We give new life to materials that might otherwise be lost, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and responsible consumer culture.