Lice bag for school

Are you the lice mother at school this year?

A lice bag helps optimally if all children at school use it. As a lice mother of a class, you have an idea of ​​what is done and used to prevent or combat a lice plague. Although a lice bag alone is not sufficient, using one does help prevent many pests. If lice are present, the lice bag or bag will make it easier to keep your child "clean" after treatment. Are you the lice mother of a class and are you considering introducing the Petipou lice bag? Please contact us for a discount for larger quantities.

PETIPOU is the brand for a good and handy lice bag or lice bag for school children. In 2008, PETIPOU introduced its first lice bag. Children can now easily store their coat and associated items in the pocket and are protected against head lice on the coat rack. There is the small lice bag for the youngest up to about 6 years old. The large one is suitable for children up to and including secondary school.