Hamam towel Provence - Sand - 100x200cm

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Large Light sand-colored cotton hammam towel

Are you looking for a compact bath towel or light cloth for travelling? Then a hammam towel is ideal. You roll it up very small to put in the suitcase or even handbag. It dries quickly and proves to be truly multipurpose on the road.

This is a smooth woven hammam towel. This means that no structure is noticeable. The stripes on both short sides give a fresh look. To replace a hem, the hammam towel is finished with ecru-colored hand-braided fringes.
Because the cloth is smooth, it is also less likely to be damaged. We recommend this for younger children, who like to build tents with them or drag them around. Just look for a less contagious color.

The color? Sand or very light beige, but I also think it looks a lot like latte or latte machiatto.

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Properties of the light beige hammam towel

  • lightweight
  • dries quickly
  • compact
  • multifunctional: towel and pareo in one. also useful for the sauna or yoga
  • Recycled cotton
  • approximately 100x200cm
  • approximately 400gr
  • colors: green: khaki: army green: almond green: light blue: dark blue: beige: pink: fuchsia: light pink: teal: dark gray: gray: petrol