Plaid or throw Waffle cotton - Olive Green - 190x300cm

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Green throw or cotton bedspread: Olive green plaid

Beautiful thinly woven green throw for the sofa . Do you have a worn-out sofa or armchair, but is it still comfortable? Then cover it with one of our beautiful cotton plaids. You can place the throw over the seating area of ​​your sofa, but if the cloth is large enough, you can completely cover the sofa with it.

A green plaid on an olive green sofa: Which color looks good with a green sofa?

It is of course tempting to look for an olive green plaid or throw to go with your olive green sofa. This is often a disappointment because there are many variations on the green theme. Preferably choose a moss green plaid or dark green. Then you'll be safer.

What do I use my throw for?

If you have a new sofa, you may want to protect it. Then a throw is also a solution!
We also use the plaid as a bedspread . Due to its generous size of almost 2 by 3 meters, the cloth also fits very well on a double bed. We hear from our customers that they also use the plaid as a summer sheet. It is slightly thicker than a regular sheet, but much thinner than a blanket.
If you like the outdoors, take your plaid into nature as a picnic blanket .

This green bedspread or plaid is woven in a kind of waffle structure. Finished on both sides with off white fringes. The cloth is hemmed on the long sides.

Features Bedspread or throw, Green

  • dimensions approx. 190x300cm,
  • Recycled cotton
  • Color: Light Khaki green, green, almond green,
  • Use: Bedspread: throw: plaid

Washing instructions for plaid

Before the first wash, tighten all fringes properly. Soak your plaid or bedspread for a few hours in cold water to which you may add a dash of white vinegar. Then rinse and let dry. During subsequent washes you can wash the plaid in the washing machine at 30 degrees.
When choosing a plaid or throw, take possible shrinkage into account. Cotton shrinks about 8 to 10 percent during the first washes.